Fachada da Alfa Graniti


Alfa Graniti Spa came to life in 1998 as the fruit of the family’s twenty-year experience. It specialises in the production of marble and granite semi-finished products. The strategic factors on which Alfa Graniti can rely are the use of cutting-edge productive processes, its long experience and in-depth knowledge of the stone market, an endless search for new, excellent materials, its unfailing orientation to understanding and fulfilling the customer’s needs as well the use of skilled, motivated staff with a passion for challenges. In 2006, Alfa Graniti went through a deep shake-up to pursue its main goal: a powerful growth of its sales network in Italy and abroad. The opening of new markets, the increasing globalisation and the rising competitive pressure have led the company to relocate its logistic facilities closer to its productive operations. This is how Alfa Graniti Brasile came to life, a production company specialising in high-quality marble and granite processing and conversion, equipped with the most sophisticated production technology. The choice to relocate its productive operations abroad enables the company to be fast, flexible, competitive and to make the most of its own potentials in a shorter time, which delivers clear advantages in terms of lower production costs, availability of local raw materials and the opportunity to create new destination markets.

Our Mission

  • To build trust: Alfa Graniti has always established a trustworthy relationship with its stakeholders and it is this same trust which is the basis for relationships of partnership with customers, suppliers, employees, financial backers, economic subjects and the local community
  • To assure quality and high quality service to customers
  • To develop the company’s own competitiveness in the global market
  • To be able to count on gathered know-how, on the contributor’s sense of belonging, maintaining strong ethics, the connection to strategic company objectives and the defence of environmental factors

Our Values

    The passion to do well, to exceed oneself and to constantly improve, the determination to reach objectives, the desire to compete with oneself and others and the respect for man and the environment are all at the base of the entrepreneurial philosophy of Alfa Graniti. Our main principles are:

  • Ability to innovate: continuous monitoring of the market in order to seize innovation opportunities
  • Flexibility: a greater speed in replying in order to opportunely affront market variations
  • Customer orientated attitude: all company efforts are aimed at generating merit for customers, anticipating and managing their expectations with the aim of responding to and best satisfying the needs expressed
  • Centrality of human resources: the strength of the company is represented by the people who work there. Alfa Graniti believes in the respect for contributors at all levels and in giving responsibility to all and the decentralization of decisions in order to allow for the active participation of all in the pursuit of company objectives